Thursday, November 11, 2004

She's Seventeen Today!

On the day Anna Rae was born it was very blustery and grey with a drizzle that came down sideways. My labor was induced at 7:30 in the morning, the Dr. broke my water at noon (ugh, what a thing to do on your lunch break), Chris and I played a few hands of Gin and I labored on. Finally, at 8:09pm, along comes Anna Rae weighing in at 6lbs.1oz., 20 inches long, blondish brown hair that was close to invisible but felt 'oh so soft!' when you brushed your cheek across her head. And today she is seventeen!
Seventeen and in Annecy, France. When we talked this morning she said she thinks that "This is one of my happiest birthdays ever!" She also confided that she didn't want to say it was her happiest ever because it might hurt our feelings. But really, she doesn't need to worry. I don't think children really understand how their happiness brings joy to their parents. Today's birthday in France with fondue and pain au chocolate does not diminish the memories of the candles blown out, the ice cream cakes devoured, the parties at roller rinks, in movie theatres and at home over the past years.
Thanks to all of you who sent her emails and commented on her blog. She heard from relatives, friends, middle school teachers, and church youth group members.
My plan worked, she was truly surprised! I could not have done it without you.


Tanya Mau said...

Oh that was the sweetest entry ever! Glad that Anna Rae had such a great birthday and that you could share in her happiness with her.

Penny said...

I came across your site and I really enjoy it. I think this post is so sweet. (I have the same birthday.) What a great mom.