Sunday, January 24, 2016

Feeling Like I'm Eight

This morning after a not so sound sleep at Casa Encontada, our Tulum apartment, we awoke to clear blue skies and crisp air that made us thankful for the long sleeved tops we had packed. This is a noisy place even though it is closer to jungle than to the town's center. Packs of dogs bark night and day and the low rumble of trucks on the  highway and a thump thump of a Saturday night disco managed to penetrate my earplugs. After morning coffee we took a 3 mile walk to the BIG grocery store and bought breakfast food and snacks for the next few days. A half dozen eggs were only 65 cents. Then we walked back, stopping for espresso and an almond croissant at a cafe, and then to rent our transportation, 2 bicycles for two days setting us back only 13 dollars! One speed bikes with big clunky frames and wide handle bars, I wobbled like I was 8 all over again. Now we are poolside, relaxing. The pool is not heated and too cold for swimming on a 73 degree day, but what a pleasant
place to just be still.

As we swerved this way and that down the pot holed road towards our apartment Chris saw a fox! Last night in the dark, bats as big as kittens swooped back and forth, keeping the mosquitoes under control we hope.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gate Crashers

Yesterday we met up with my sister and brother-in-law in Cancun. They were staying at the swanky Iberostar.  I've never crashed a wedding but paying $85. Per person just to use the pool and get a few free drinks was out of the question. But to be with my sister is such a rare treat and to be with her along the Caribbean; that chance will probably never return. So we crashed and splashed in the pool, walked on the beach, drank Margaritas and played cards together. Can you tell we had fun?

Chris and I felt like we had died and gone to heaven when we got to the condo where we were staying. Just take a look at the bathroom. I didn't have to worry about a dribbly tepid shower here!

Tonight we are in Tulum and I would like to write more about the pothole street where Casa Encantada, our 5 day apartment, is located, or post pictures of the eclectic decor and the beautiful pool and courtyard, or tell you how awesome the grilled fish was at El Camello, but the internet connection is so slow. More writing will have to happen tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another Tropical Day

Today is breezy and grey but we managed a walk in the morning. First to drop off our laundry, then for a walk on the beach and on to the bus station to check out the schedule for buses to Cancun. They run every 20 minutes so that poses no problem.
The loveliest flowers grow in every nook and cranny, somewhat apologizing for the piles of rubbish we pass on sidewalks and in vacant lots.

Then we had lunch at this little hole in the wall place we had passed before. I took the photo noting the car rental sign on the upper level  and we had mused as to who in their right mind would rent a car HERE!

The food was absolutely delicious. As Chris ate his shrimp fettuccine we watched the fish monger on his bicycle cart, unloading the morning's fresh catch of shrimp.

And by time we were done eating, the morning downpour was over. We puddle hopped our way back to Casa Mango enveloped  in the steamy tropical air.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Today we are a little more at ease, a little more laid back. We spent the day reading, eating and walking to the beach - twice. Quite honestly that is what most of this year's Yucatan Adventure will be. Tomorrow Chris says he will go to the nearby gym for a workout. I make no such promises. My knee is feeling some better, I don't think I should push my luck.

 Venders are selling fruit and snacks as you approach the beach.

 The surf crashing on the rocks riddled with holes that are probably home to some crustaceans, remained me of simular surf swept rock on the Olympic Peninsula. But the sand was whiter and the water much warmer.

 Our after dinner walk took us away from the hotels, towards the highway. I spied this Banksy style silhouette on the side of an old building.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Across the Border

Arrived in Cancun yesterday at 5:00. Took the hour long, packed ADO bus ride to Playa and watched the big orange sun sink into the Caribbean Sea through the windows. Then took an adventurous walk in the mostly dark streets to Casa Mango. The adventure is not because of fear of getting lost, smartphones solve that problem. The adventure is in negotiating pulling luggage along the sidewalks which are riddled with, holes, steps, branches of palms and wires hanging in your face.

Just feet before the gate to our apartment, I tripped over a fence post on the side walk and of course hurt my already aching left knee. Who should help me to my feet but Barbara, the Italian owner of Casa Mango. Lots of flustered help, "was I ok?" "Yes, yes" I reassured her I was fine. In the morning I would notice a hole in my running shoe. Had I been wearing sandals the hole would've been in my foot. After learning about the keys, the internet and nearby restaurants we schlepped our luggage up the spiral staircase to our bedroom. I am going to have to limit my fluids after 5! The stairs are not something I want to deal with in the middle of the night.

 We ate dinner at an Australian owned Italian restaurant last night. Pork chop for me and a burger for Chris. Not very Italian and not at all Mexican but both hit the spot on our empty stomachs. This morning's breakfast of chilaquilles on Calle Cinco at Vagabonds gave me my first Mexican food fix.  Afterwards we walked to the beach and watched the resorts setting up chaise lounges.

They probably won't get many customers. It is overcast and a humid 75, a perfect day for us to just lounge about our apartment, catch our breath and get our bearings.