Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wow! You kids are GREAT!

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Nicole, the naturalist from Seattle's
aquarium was so surprised when one of my students ran up to her yelling "Come see the Mossy Chiton!" Chitons are plentiful but to have a kindergartener identify it AND be able to tell her he ate by using his radula, well that is impressive. Ok now, how many of my readers out there can tell me what a radula is?


Tanya Mau said...

That is SO awesome! ...and yes, you will have to tell me what a radula is.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, tell me?


Anonymous said...

More familiar with wood ticks,lady bugs,mosquitos & ants. Our beach is full of cig.butts, cans & lots of litter. Guess I know longer see with the eyes of a child. What is a radula?

Teresa said...

OK. Now I know how to get you to comment; just throw in an obscure word or two and I've got you hooked!
A radula is the rasp or drill-like tongue of a snail. It is used for scraping food, or in the case of Moon Snails, to drill a hole through the hinge area of a clam's shell and then slurping up the clam for dinner. You know how when you find empty clam shells at the beach and they have this perfectly round little hole where they had hinged together? Well, that is the work of a snail.