Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Seaside, Oregon

Seaside, Oregon
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We thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing weekend at Seaside, Oregon last week. While the weather behind this stump looks very dramatic, we did have dry pavement and warm sun on Saturday morning which made for some fabulous roller blading on the promanade. If you have never been to Seaside, I would highly reccommend it for: strolls on the beach, flying kites, lots of shopping (an outlet mall is in town, skating and bike riding (also those low riding bikes for on the beach), plenty of little shops for every age, and lots of good restaurants. Also there is historical significance; Lewis and Clarks' sltworks is in this town. In summer they do a reenactment of how they boiled the ocean water for the salt; and a state park and the Lewis and Clark Trail are close by too.


Tanya Mau said...

Very ominous-looking picture indeed

Anonymous said...

Hi, We also took a long weekend up toward Minn. the first week of Oct. Oct. 4 was a big day for you & us. We left G.B. on Sun & it was a fantastic trip. All the color was like a painters pallet. Mon it was cloudy & the rest of the week it poured. Tues. went to St. Paul to see Shanna who is now gainfully employed as a beautician. Wed.& Thur. stayed at the casino hotel in Turtle Lake. Good place to be when it's pouring out. Up to 8 inches in some spots. Will be taking down a few virgin ash in our backyard. Will try to remember to take some pictures. Don't want the chips but keeping all the firewood. Enough for now, catch you later..