Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Go Cart Injury

Go Cart Injury
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This was the reason for the 3:30 am phone call from one of the chapperones at the 'safe and sane' graduation party. Anna Rae had crashed a go cart into a wall and the kid behind her crashed into her. Her leg made impact with something on the steering column causing this ragged, mean wound.
They called the medics and she ended up at Harborview Medical Center (one of the best trauma centers in the country). Chris met them at the hospital. He really does handle this type of thing better. Needless to say even though I did not go along, I did not sleep a wink and I think we called each other 4 times before they came home at 7:30. It took the surgeons 2 hours to stich her up. They did invisible stitches under the surface and then some fancy new stitches on top and they actually had to 'trim' away jagged skin to close up the top. Today, 6/28,
she had the stitches taken out but it still looks none too pretty. This graduation day memory, along with scar, is never going to fade. It also is a Father's Day memory that will stay with Chris forever.

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Tanya Mau said...

Oh, that looks awful! I hope she's okay!