Thursday, February 22, 2007

Skiing Again!

I can't believe the midwinter break is almost over. I must say I have packed a lot into the week. These pictures are from Thursday when I went up to Snoqualmie to cross country ski. I went alone which is, truthfully, something I enjoy. I was on the same trail I skied in December so I didn't take as many pictures; the landscape hasn't changed aside from maybe a foot more of snow. While it wasn't a brilliant sunny day, there was new snow on the ground and the temperature hovered at around freezing all day long. It was perfect for doing a brisk 3 hour ski. I figure I skied a solid 12 miles and I sure felt it at the end of the day. I did notice more waterfalls running vigorously over rocky mountainsides. The one in the top picture fell into a ditch next to the ski trail and through a culvert under the trail and into the lake on the other side (second picture). I saw a few fly like bugs on the snow as I skiied along. Now what bug hatches in winter and survives in the snow? I can understand that they may be living under the snow and in the brush and decaying matter under trees, but on top of the snow?

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