Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday Weeding

I spent most of Wednesday weeding here there and everywhere in my flower beds; 6 hours plus of weeding and a bit of rearranging. I lifted some fall blooming asters (purples and blues) thinned them out and set aside a dozen or so for an upcoming sale I am planning. My woodland garden which is in the background of this photo is at its best. For those gardeners who read my blog, I have a fairly effective way to deal with a large proportion of slugs. I have a sizable number of digitalis (foxglove) that reseed themselves in the most unexpected spots. Well, in late winter or early spring I gently transplant these digitalis in close proximity to where slugs are the most likely to live. In my case, that is next to our wood piles. It works! The digitalis are riddled with slug and snail holes and the ligularia and other plants closer to the border have far less gastropod damage.

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