Sunday, May 13, 2007

Colorful Totes

Colorful Totes
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I hope that all the mothers of my kindergarten students appreciate the tedious tearing and sticky gluing their children patiently endured as they assembled these colorful totes. Not to mention the two hours plus which I spent applying Modge Podge to give each box a shiny and flexible coat!
My husband looked at me sitting on the floor with the boxes encircling me as I worked and said, "I think that my kindergarten teacher just had me press my hand into a circle of clay. I'm sure it took nowhere near the time that you spend on your kids and their projects!" And he is right. Passionate and dedicated teachers spend many hours doing a whole host of things for children that take many hours beyond the contractual work week. But teachers at the school where I work were very lucky last week as the parents pampered us with breakfast one day, flowers gleefully given by the children (the classroom looked like a floral shop), lunch the next day and snacks every time I turned into our staff lounge. Friday brought an abundance of notes and pictures from our students and the day culminated with a care bag from the parents containing: Starbucks coffee, Artisan French Bread AND a bottle of Puget Ridge Guertztaminer wine! These parents know how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!


Anonymous said...

We think you must be the best teacher in the world. Of couse who else would say this but your MOTHER.

Kirissa said...

Were Can I Find These? -Kirissa Samoni

Teresa said...

Kirissa, These are truly 'one of a kind' totes. My kindergarten students made them using empty cereal boxes that they covered with torn pieces of
construction paper. I cut the handle holes in the boxes before they collaged the paper onto the outside and once the box was covered I painted a coat of glossy Modge Podge (purchasable at craft stores) all over the outside. I'm glad you like them!