Sunday, June 28, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I sure am happy about these results and had the race been NEXT weekend they would have looked even better because my upcoming birthday will put me in the next division.

Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 2:06:22
Chip Time 1:54:20
Overall Place 2034 / 15541
Gender Place 882 / 11339
Division Place 30 / 794
Age Grade 70.6%
Pace 8:44
Ttlrace 15541
Ttldiv 794
Ttlsex 11339
5 Km 26:24
10 Km 53:50
9 Mile 1:18:25

The weather was flawless, nary a cloud in the sky and about 70 with a light breeze. The course was, as they described, fast; certainly easier for me than the hills I run going to and from Alki from my front porch. The stretch along Lake Washington was beautiful; made me want to visit Seward Park at a more leisurely pace. Hearing the band that played in the Mt. Baker tunnel made awesome echoes and was wonderfully energizing. Drawbacks were the masses of humanity that made long lines of traffic to get to the starting line and then the lines at the porta potties, getting out of downtown from the finish line was lengthy too. I had alot of anxiety about the run the night before and did not sleep well. People say marathons are a good way to see another part of the country but I am not so sure. I read where people get up at four in the morning to navigate their way to the starting line and I saw people walking a good two miles from hotels just to get to the start. Of course they were walking faster than the cars were driving. When I got home from the race all I wanted to do was take a warm shower, wear comfy clothes, lay around, read, and watch TV. Now if I were in another city I would feel like that was a waste of my time to explore but I wouldn't have the energy to do any sightseeing.

Today my quads ache a bit and I know I will have to do my yoga stretches for my hip flexors (sciatica is still bugging me) but I think I will be a little less sedentary, maybe getting into the flower beds to pull weeds.


Chase said...

Oh, you did an awesome job! I have a few friends that participated in this too!

Mrs4444 said...

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment :)

P.S. will you please email me? mrs4444@ new dot rr dot com

Barbara said...

Good for you!
We are going to California for the 4th and my kids are running in some race there...then we will hit the beach. I am afraid I am past my running days, but I am a good cheerleader..haha
My son is up in your neck of the woods for the great fireworks... he says!.

Anne Jennings said...

Wow! congratulations on the great race time. I am motivated to run again after hearing from all the folks who rallied for this one...very impressive

brad said...

That was an awesome time. You certainly should be very proud!!

Teresa said...

Thanks to all of you for the kudos.
Mr. Crazy Legs (that's you Bradley)
should come to Seattle for a run!

Lisa said...

Great Job! My friend Geri is training for a half marathon and was also impressed with your results!