Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hope Springs Resort

At only 10 units it is a small resort and it was absolutely perfect for me. The old sign is there to keep the Mid Century ambiance but this really is Hope Springs. No kids, no dogs, no TV, plenty of time to read my books, lounge poolside or dip into the 3 mineral pools ranging from bathwater temp to a HOT 110. The breakfasts were SO delicious; fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, good cheeses, bread, fresh tomatoes!, yogurt, granola, good breads and a few pastries. I was first up each morning (yes, I relaxed but I just could NOT sleep past 6:00) and got my pick of the New York Times, LA Times or the Desert Reporter to read. They have spa services; massages (other guests just raved about their massages), wraps, and the like but I didn't indulge in those. Maybe next time... Every good vacation should end with a little bit of longing.


Lisa said...

This was fun to watch! I think the pictures totally spell out YOU Teresa! Looks like you picked the right place and had a wonderful time!

Barbara said...

Very nice and refreshing...that comes to mind as I watched the pictures pass by me. I love the simplicity of the place.
Glad you got to renew yourself:)
Now back to work!