Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hydrangeas Are Blooming

I know I take the same garden pictures every year and sometimes I think I should leave well enough alone and be happy with my pictures of last year's flowers. But the hydrangeas with their huge floppy heads that look like they should be on some 1950's Easter bonnet, just beg to be photoed. They are the perfect shade garden flower. They look cool, mature, and dignified; unlike the big blooms of spring, the rhododendrons, those rowdy show offs of vibrant color in April and May.

This climbing hydrangea smells wonderful when warmed by a bit of afternoon sun.

The Lady in Red has long red stems that flop to the ground in a tangle with the weight of its blooms. She is under the apple tree and this is really quite a sorry bed. I must rethink that area and get the 'lady' some more suitable companion plants.

Lime foliage always shows off blues and purples to perfection.

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Mrs4444 said...

I agree--They're GORGEOUS!! We have a beautiful hydrangea that is behind the house, and yesterday, I decided to cut the gorgeous blooms and take them into the house, where people would actually SEE them! Mine are pink. Your blues are lovely :)