Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Taste of Summer

Now I can say I have had, at the least, a taste of summer. I escaped Seattle's cool gray weather and visited friends and relatives in Wisconsin. In addition to warmer weather I had more than my share of decadent food. Perch WITH BONES if you please, and a slice of onion on rye bread from Maricques. (Read the review. It describes the fried perch experience perfectly.)

And an award winning breakfast of cherry stuffed French Toast at the White Gull Inn in Door County.

Sweet Corn that was tender and so tasty with a slathering of real butter. This corn is at Green Bay's Broadway Farmer's Market, held every Wednesday in summer. It is probably delicious but my mom is insistent that we get our corn from the stand at Sunny Hill which is within 5 miles of home. You can't get much fresher than that.

Sharing a meal, reuniting with cousins; lovely ladies one and all.

More food around campfires up north with relatives:

And picnics at the beach between rounds of swimming and tubing:

Dinner at Legends Brew Pub with my childhood friend, Sue. It had been SO long; more years than I can recall since we last had time to sit at a table share food and talk, talk, talk!

Of course I had to stop at Renards to buy cheese.

And now, you guessed it, this post has left me hungry. I think I will go upstairs and eat just a few of those cheese curds.


Lisa said...

That was a great summary of your visit! Why do you get the fish with bones? ICK, aren't you afraid of getting one stuck in your throat? I so remember that from when I was a kid.

Rosemary said...

Wow , looks like a nice wonderful holiday Cherry stuffed french toast made my mouth water.. I would be happy to share some of our 90 degreee days .....