Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Wanes

September started with a heat wave. Really, how absurd; after a non-existent summer we start the school year sweating bullets. Labor Day Weekend and THE GIRL is back!  Well at least closer; in Walla Walla, not Bangkok. What better excuse to visit wineries?  Here you see our souvenirs. the magnum will be our Christmas wine.

And a trip to Walla Walla also includes a purchase of fresh fruit. Nectarines. Some we dry, some we freeze. Oh so sweet!

Surprisingly enough, the plants in our own garden yielded enough tomatoes and chilis (they continue to ripen) to make 8 pints of salsa to freeze.

The late summer heat has left the ground parched and dry. The sumac should be beautiful by the end of the month. There are many cones of fuzzy berries above the green leaves.

It surprises me how the shady path recedes from my line of vision at this time of year and the zinnias and dogwood in the upper rockery catch my eye.

The chrysanthemum have yet to bloom; the colorful zinnias are center  stage. The sunflowers have not  stood as tall and prominent as most years. This one does look pretty as it bows down; this morning's raindrops decorating both the petals and leaves. 

Blueberry picking was a disappointment this year but blackberries are another story.  I picked enough today for three pies. I think I timed it right. Along with the start of rain will come mold and more spiders spinning their webs amongst the brambles.  Fall is only days away.

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Anonymous said...

Love the sunflower pic! Your salsa looks very good too. I made some but ate it right away, like everyday for lunch, yum....Lisa