Sunday, February 27, 2005


Originally uploaded by mtnester.
We knew something was afoot when the neighbors replaced their 6 foot high cyclone fence with a sturdier and taller one topped with spiral strands of razor sharp barbed wire. It began to look like Stalag 13. While we do live in an unincorporated area, this is the edge of Seattle. The city line is only 2 blocks to west of us. Yes, these are deer, but not blacktail or whitetail deer. They are more chocolately brown in color and what do you think; could a doe have antlers?


AR said...

huh???? WHERE IS THIS??? Whos yard?? I'm so confused. I mean, first there were goats, now deer? What??

Teresa said...

Yes, Anna Rae, this is right here in our (almost) backyard! Pretty amazing, huh? You should tell Donna J. to check out the photos.