Monday, July 25, 2005

Camille and Anna Rae

Camille and Anna Rae
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Camille and Anna Rae became pen pals when they were in 6th or 7th grade. She was Anna Rae's first French friend. Finally in Paris they got to meet each other face to face! Camille and her parents drove 4 hours from Lille to meet us. We spent the day together; visiting Montmarte which is the neighborhood that was frequented by Toulouse Lautrec and also has the Sacre'-Coeure which is a beautiful but relatively young church (130yrs). We also walked on the Champs-Elysees and looked in some of the ritzy stores. We walked a heck of a lot and it was hotter than blazes. While Camille writes pretty good English, she is VERY shy and hardly said a dozen words in English all day long! Her mom spoke a little English, her dad none and
Chris and I as you know are totally ignorant of any French other than bonjour, merci, oui, non, pardon, bon apetite, and au revoir. So guess who did most of the communicating....Anna Rae.
She must've been exhausted by the end of the day. This visit was a good example of how a French family went out of their way to extend hospitality towards us.


Tanya Mau said...

That's so sweet, and great of the family to meet you all. Sounds like a very nice time.

Camille said...

Coucou, i just see the comment and picture, it is very friendly! the day in Paris with you was super! i hope i can come to seattle !
Bisous Cam