Sunday, August 28, 2005

Eze-le-Village, FR

Eze, FR
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This is a village high above the sea. It is very touristy but worth the visit for the breathtaking views. The steps leading up to the gardens where I took this picture are lined with tourist shops (overpriced, I thought). We bought ice cream but did not stay for dinner although I must say the smells from the restaurants were SO enticing! The gardens have a huge selection of cactuses and succulents. The plants are VERY big, obviously thriving. The statues, all named after women and with a bit of prose equating women with flowers and beauty, are a bit kitchy. I would've appreciated about a dozen fewer


Anonymous said...
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Tanya Mau said...

I love the photo though! Sorry to see all these anonymous blogging spam comments! How annoying!