Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rejection and Acceptance

Well, all the envelopes have arrived; both the thin ones and the thick ones. On the most memorable day she called me at work just as my young students were transitioning from 'Quiet Time' to Math. "Mom, I didn't get into Northwestern. Oh well." This stated without a hello and delivered in a flat tone. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. You are still waiting to hear from 3 more colleges." I hang onto the silence at the other end, wishing I were there to give her a hug and wanting so much to know the right thing to say but also well aware that 25 kindergarteners are going to have something totally different from math on their agenda if I don't hang up soon. It's awkward and incomplete as I promise to call as soon as the kids are dismissed. The bell hardly rings and she calls again, is she crying, or is that laughing? "They want me mom! They want ME!" "Anna Rae, WHO wants you?" I ask in confusion. "The University of Chicago! This is SO worth it! So worth all the hard work of keeping my grades up!" and she's laughing victoriously. It's incredible, wonderful and totally deserved I say as I congratulate her. I try on this first day of getting the 'big news' not to be too practical or suggest she maybe consider less pricey options like the U of W here in Seattle or Gonzaga in Spokane; both place which also accepted her. Well, in following days we get their financial aid package and it is generous but The University of Chicago is VERY expensive and they expect the parent contribution to be twice what we consider tolerable. But we have raised her to aim high and this certainly is high! Take a look at University of Chicago website and see for yourself. We are VERY proud of her but those of you who know me very well know that I am a bit anxious for her too; anxious for the debt she may be incurring as she makes her scholarly ambitions come true. She is excited to be in another big city and in a top notch academic environment, not to mention how very happy she is to be near her Wisconsin relatives (That makes me happy too!)
I am just glad that she didn't choose to attend the Freshman Year in Florence program through NYU; that was another incredible acceptance letter she recieved. It was a totally unexpected offer; she had applied for the College of Arts and Sciences but they thought she was better matched to the general studies program in Florence (Yes, that is Italy!)
This has to be my 'big brag post' of the year. Although I think Chris and I deserve some bragging rights please do send your congratulations on to Anna Rae as she certainly deserves them!

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Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Anna Rae! Id'd like to go to Chicago too.