Sunday, October 15, 2006

So why a picture of the Space Needle at night? Because none of the pictures we took at the Bob Dylan Concert Friday night at Key Arena turned out. YES! As incredible as it seems (even now, after the fact) Chris and I were given tickets to the Dylan concert, by a co-worker of his. Mai (the co-worker) has a fiance who works as a CPA for Miller Brewing and they have a luxury suite at the arena for events. Mai is half our age and my guess is that she has very little knowledge/interest in Bob Dylan. It was such a generous gift and unanticipated surprise for us. I truly don't know what I liked best but Tangled up In Blue, Highway 61. From his encore set Like a Rolling Stone had me up on my feet. What snappy dressers they are! Grey and black suit jackets, and hats like my dad used to wear in the 50s and 60s; so COOL! Thank goodness we brought our binoculars though. It was a luxury suite and we had free snack food and beer and the band looked like ants from where we sat. But I was in 7th heaven just to be there soaking in the music.

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