Saturday, December 30, 2006

Snow at Snoqualmie Summit

There are times when I think I lead a charmed life. Thursday, December 28th when Anna Rae, her friend Chloe, and I went up to the Summit at Snoqualmie to ski and snowboard was one of those days. We have had SO much rain and downright unpleasant weather in Seattle this fall and winter (thus far anyway). Who was I to think that we could pick the very best weather to go up to the mountains? But as you can see from these pictures, there couldn't have been more perfect conditions. And yes, the parking lots and the warming lodges were very crowded but the cross country trail at Iron Horse state park was sparsely populated and Chloe and AR said that the lift lines and traffic on the slopes at Snoqualmie Central were totally tolerable. I skied a little over 2 hours. My guess is that in distance I did a little over 8 miles. I felt this to be perfectly respectable for my first time out this season. There are two pictures that I didn't get that I wish I did. One was of an army green military plane that came out of nowhere with incredible speed flying VERY low over Lake Kachless as I skied under the same blue skies that the plane was slicing with impressive finesse. The other picture was that of the sky just after dusk when it was neither blue, nor purple, nor black, but some breathtaking shade that was the mingling of all three colors.

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Donna said...

Hi, Theresa! Chloe had a great time skiing. Thanks so much for taking her on what turned out to be a day that couldn't have been more perfect.