Saturday, December 30, 2006

Winter Beauty

I love snow. Whenever I go to the mountains to get my fill of the 'white stuff' I ask myself why in the world I ever left Wisconsin where snow was an inevitable occurrence anticipated by every child and cursed by those adults who had to shovel their way out of the mess and wait for snow plows to clear streets. Then I look at my Subaru's disgustingly dirty windshield or I watch parents of young children peeling off the layers of snowsuits and boots to change a dirty diaper and I remember why an hours distance from snow is a 'piece of cake' compared to living in the midst of it. I think of my cousin Sue in the Denver area and wonder how she is faring. Thus far this has been an incredible winter for the western U.S. and the Midwest is off to a slow start. But there is more to come as we are only a week into winter.

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