Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where's the Money?

Where is the money for the Arts in Education? At our school we have an Art specialist, a phenomenal Art Specialist. After only 25 days in school they had their first lesson in how to draw faces. Pretty amazing results, in my opinion. In years past we have had a Music Specialist, but never both. Why should we have to choose? We are required to have 80 minutes of reading a day and a comparable amount of math. So we may be preparing for the next Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton but what Pablo Picasso, Jacob Lawrence, Chopin, or even a Johnny Cash, could we be overlooking by underspending on the Arts?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

mercedes said...

Our school gets music 45 minutes a week. We do not have a certified art instructor. The librarian also has an "exploratory" class where she does exploratory activities with the students-usually some type of art activity-45 minutes a week also.

I remember when I was in school we had art and music. I remember we did really neat things in art-like pottery-I still have some of my creations-nothing fancy. I believe Arts in school is very important-especially if these types of teachers can incorporate "reading/math" within their lessons.

Sometimes I wake up and wish I were a kid again-because I didn't realize what I didn't have-but I realize what I really did have as for education. I also wish I could just zap back in time when life was much simpler and not so crazy and chaotic...such as discipline in schools and with children...

Oops-I am a rambler-jumping from topic to topic and typing whatever pops up in my mind. I really enjoy stopping by here.