Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just because....

she is a woman who can 'dress' a moose, understands hockey, knows how to survive sub zero temperatures, and is able to see Russia from her bathroom window, doesn't mean she and her 'main man McCain', (Apologies to aspiring 'first dude Todd') have middle America's well being in their sites. Tax breaks for incomes above $250,000 is that what WE, the middle class want? Not for me! I am truly not a political stumper as a rule but, Jiminey Crickets, it bugs me no end to see people bad mouth Obama for being cool, calm and intellectual in delivering his viewpoints. My husband and I are proud of the so called 'elite education' we are helping our daughter to achieve. I shudder to think that Palin might be speaking as a representative for our country. Here is one columnist's opinion of Sarahs'Pompom Palaver.
And of course for something really funny, watch the SNL skit with Queen Latifah as VP debate monitor Gwen Ifill. The SNC cast must be having a blast with this presidential campaign.

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