Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Saturday Drive

Chrysanthemums say fall and football like no other flower for me. Do the guys still give their dates those corsages with the huge chrysanthemum for the homecoming dance?I never went to a homecoming dance and I didn't mind particularly much. I always went to the game and I had a group of friends to get rowdy with afterwards but I really wanted one of those corsages. Mums like that didn't grow in any one's backyard. They reminded me of the showy flowers you might find on a silk Kimono or a Chinese soup bowl.

I see a Puffer Fish's face when I look at the bottom of this Turban Squash. Do you?

The mass appeal of piles of pumpkins or rows upon rows of flowers draws me like a magnet to take a picture. On Saturday we went to Molbaks Nursery in Woodenville so that I could spend the gift certificate that 'the daughter' gave to me for my birthday. I came away with radicchio and chard and yes, more tulip bulbs: a bag of 32 yellow and red Appledorn to add to those under the apple tree that have been there for years, and two packs of 8 fancy striped and double flowering ones whose names elude me now, but they will bring splashes of color in pots on our deck.

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