Monday, August 24, 2009

On August 27th 1982...

we, after five years of living together, became Mr. and Mrs. in a Seattle courtroom. Only five friends were in attendance which makes it easy to remember everyone's name. The reception was at our friends' the Driggers' 4th Av. W., Queen Anne home. I just found out recently via Facebook that they are now living in sunny Sequim. The recepton was potluck style and a whole dozen friends joined us there. Sometimes I look back wistfully and wish I had gone back to Wisconsin and had a larger wedding but at the time this seemed right. Organizing and being part of big events make me hugely anxious. Also, it was not a church wedding (that came 4 years later) and I knew that a secular wedding was probably disappointing to my parents and that's SO like me too; never wanting to disappoint the people I love. Anyway there is certainly no disappointment today because here we are still together after 27 + years of wedded (not all bliss) reality.

The flowers in my bouquet are Stephanosis which I bought to match the border of the jacket to my dress. I bought them from a floral on University Ave.

Our friends Judy and Neil not only opened their home to host the reception, Judy also took the photographs.

The cake was white chocolate mousse from the Honey Bear Bakery in Wallingford. It was almost a disaster because it started to melt and slide down one side in transit from Wallingford to Queen Anne. The bakery had warned us that it was a delicate cake but it was the one I wanted. Fortunately, friends shored it up, refrigerated it, and absolutely refused to let me look at the back of the cake until after we had taken our 'first bite'. It was scrumptious!


Barbara said...

I love that your shared these photos..
I think my wedding day will always be a day I would love to relive...I think you get so caught up in it you can't stand back to enjoy.
You look as pretty then as you are now:)

Lynn said...

Wow, love the memories you have and the photos! I don't remember seeing those photos although I am sure I did on some of my visits to your place but it was long ago.
I did think of you guys since the date is on my calendar. What did you do this year? Was it the blog? Did Chris read it?

Anonymous said...

We did love viewing the photos and remembering!
Where did 27 years go, WOW!


Teresa said...

The blog was part of my surprise to Chris but commenting and adding a photo to his Facebook account was even more of a surprise to him since many of his/our friends left congratulatory messages for us and made comments on the photos. Lynn, you really should get on Facebook!