Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paint Pros

It was no small task. We prepped and painted our living room together. We were lucky that we did it last week when the weather was cooler and we even had a couple of rainy days. Chris is still doing touch ups. He's truly the Pro. Honey Girl and I stayed away from edging and trim painting. The color is called Tea Light (what in the heck kind of color is THAT?) The pictures do not do justice to our paint job but I think these are pretty great family portraits! The color is blue-green grayish. The sample looked a whole lot more gray than it does on the walls. It is certainly more subtle and calming than the bitter orange that we painted over. Chris painted the door frames and fireplace mantle black to match the baseboards and I think that gives the room a very sharp touch.


In this first shot we tried to have straight faces, kind of like Grant Wood's American Gothic. Apparently, daughter dearest didn't understand, she's just grinning away.


This is the silly shot and we like it best!


Barbara said...

You guys are having way to much fun this summer!!
Great shots for the future when you are knee deep in school stuff wishing it was summer again.
By the way love the sunflower pics...may have to steal a few to use on my blog as "sunny reflections"...

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictues. You all look relaxed and happy. Now we will get to have your dau. with us for pictues!


Barbara said...

Did you like the cartoon?
I loved it but chickened out on keeping it up.
I didn't want to offend anyone who comes to my blog... like parents from my class blog.
Does that make sense or am I just paranoid?

Lynn said...

It was fun looking at your photos. Our favorite is the one with silliness and smiles on each of your faces. :)