Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go Ahead...

Eat the frosting first, Anna Rae! Twenty two years ago today our 'one and only' was born. Here she is on her first birthday eating carrot cake. As I recall she didn't eat much of the cake but she loved the blueberries and frosting on top.

I have spent my first hour of the day looking through her baby book and at photos. She changed our lives forever and in all the right ways. She has given us laughter, love, and pride along with only a few gray hairs.

She is now a lovely young woman of 22 with brains to match. It is hard to believe that she is in her 4th year at the U of Chicago!

Who's making your cake this year, daughter dear? I'll bet it is chocolate, not carrot!

[Thank You Caroline for making Anna Rae's 22nd birthday cupcakes! I KNEW they would be chocolate!]


Anna Rae said...

:) it was chocolate and caroline made it. She took a great picture that you'll have to post next to this one. I'll try to get it from her!

Chase said...

Aw...Happy Birthday, Anna Rae!