Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Cool, Wet May


We are having a cool, wet May. My tomato plants are just sitting still, waiting for some sunny days. I have two potted pepper plants that I still won't leave out at night for fear they will drop their blooms and not produce any fruit. Lettuce and spinach are growing at a furious rate. My potato plants are poking out of the ground. The sunflowers are doing ok and today I started beans around poles in various locations of the back yard. In spite, or maybe because of this cool weather, everything that IS blooming seems extra vibrant. I'm thinking mainly of the rhodedendrons, and the dogwoods. The foxgloves have never been taller or more loaded with their trumpet shaped blooms. I can't figure it out...the snails and slugs seem to be leaving my lettuce alone, but maybe I am speaking too soon. I spend hours on weekends pulling weeds and planting; great green therapy for all the stress that has come my way in the classroom this year.
Only 26 teaching days left and boy am I ever ready!

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Lisa R. said...

Your flowers are beautiful. We are waiting for some rain, today is cloudy and I do think things look extra vibrant! Thanks for sharing....good luck with the end of the school year!