Sunday, January 01, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Time really HAS gotten away from me! I thought I had posted in November. So here it is the new year.

November brought the mums in our yard into full bloom just as I had predicted. The spider Mums are my favorite. Here you see a yellow spider and an orange spoon mum.

And a new car into our garage:

For the first time in six years, Anna Rae sat down to Thanksgiving dinner with us. Our very good friends, the Kornowskes, hosted. It was, as always, incredibly delicious.

 December was a whirlwind, beginning with a trip to Green Bay for my mom's 80th birthday and then "Woohoo!" tailgating at Julie and Terrys'  and a Packer game and YES, they won!

December also brought a visit from out of state friends; Tania and her beau, Owen, from Montana.

 Then before I knew it, Christmas was here! There was baking to do;  Anise Almond Biscotti and Coconut Cranberry  Chews and Butterscotch Cookies and Peppermint Pinwheels.

And relaxing with technology. (Yes, Miracle on 54th St. is on the TV)

Anna Rae was showered with gifts. (Poor Americorp girl; she was grateful for  the Christmas bounty.)

Of course Christmas meant feasting. We were a table of nine this year. the menu was gumbo, baked lobster tails, scrumptious salads and satsuma cheesecake for dessert and cookies too!

 Preceded by dominoes and followed by football! 

More feasting on December 30th with the Zarker / Primomo family. This time it was Thai food.

December meant the end to our 1950's avacado green sink in the bathroom. Here is the new vanity and sink. The counter top color is called Coffee Bean.

 When it comes to plumbing one thing leads to another.  So, a week later,  on New Year's Eve day Chris was installing new fixtures in the kitchen.

There are small beginnings for 2012, like the new leaves on my orchid:

And much bigger beginnings like the construction of the new house to the east of our lower lot line.

This is the end to the woodsy solitude that we had when we moved here  in 1987 but who knows, it may be the beginning of a friendship with new neighbors.

As for another ending and a  beginning; I am going to discontinue posting on this blog at least for a year. I will be adding to my Flickr account regularly. In fact I am starting a set called It's a Colorful Life and I will be taking a picture a day and sometimes adding comments to the pictures. Each month will feature one color.  So don't be blue, visit me here:

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