Wednesday, September 08, 2004

First Day of School

Whew, am I ever wiped. Nothing like explaining the ins and outs of school life to 5 year olds to really suck up your energy. It does get easier; for them and me. The most amazing thing of today was that not a single child cried in either my class or in my team mate's. That is a first in 11 years! So I hope that means they like school life. Our school's enrollment is 24 students above what was projected. Second grade has 30 kids per class,so I know I am not the only tired teacher. As I said, I am quite tired and I'll be up at 5:20 to start my day and 'do it all over again'.
Hey, Anna Rae, how was Switzerland? I hope your computer is running again and you can update us all with a new post. I love you, girl!

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