Saturday, September 25, 2004

Technology, Bah Humbug!

I tried to add links to my blog but they do not appear to have worked. Now, this should come as no surprise since last night it took me till the very end of Joan of Arcadia to figure out how to record it on our VCR. Anna Rae, you might get 10 minutes of that season premiere. Perhaps this week I will do better when I try to record The OC. Joan of Arcadia gets a big 'thumbs up' from me. Joan no longer suffers from Lymes disease, is out of 'Happy Acres' sanitarium, and tried as she might to ignore God in his various people forms as figments of her imagination throughout the show, in the last 5 minutes she finally agreed that maybe he was really there and not just a delusion left from the disease. Joan's mom is reconverting to Catholicism and after much angst shared the news with her husband and he is less than delighted. And to top it off their family is being sued for emotional abuse by the boy who was driving the car in the accident that paralyzed Joan's oldest brother. Oh, and things are steaming up between geeky Grace and Joan's youngest brother. I look at the summary I just wrote and snort. THIS is the one show I consider a 'must see' every week?! Smallville got a 'thumbs down' Anna Rae. Sorry, I won't waste my time taping that one. Speaking of TV, I have a new coping system to help me remember what to watch now that Anna Rae is not around to guide and commandeer my viewing. On Sunday, I scan the TV Guide for the week and highlight what I might CONSIDER watching. It really saves time and I don't need my reading glasses if I highlight.
This week I was at school till 7:00 or later on 3 different nights. Just lots of clean up, prep for lessons, writing out notes for our instructional assistants, hanging kids work up, writing antecdotals on certain 'live wires' and before I know it is 7:00. We had our Multi-Ethnic Potluck on Thurs. night. About 500 people came. What fabulous food too! I ate way too much! The highlight of the evening was after eating when we all went to the gym and Mr. Nelson (principal) posed a challenge to the student body: If there are 500 or less tardy days by the end of the school year the teachers will be allowed to shave his head. To demonstrate his sincerity he let each of the staff members take a snip of hair off his head with the clippers. The kids went bonkers yelling, "Make him bald!"
This is a lovely fall weekend with foggy mornings and sunny afternoons. I scrubbed the patio in preparation for painting it tomorrow. I also pulled the pumpkin off it's vine and did a bit of weeding and trimming in a flower bed. Earlier in the week I divided my heucheras and tirellas as well as transplanted some baby hellebores. If I have time I would like to aerate the lawn and put into practice some of the natural lawn care practices Chris and I learned at a King Co. natural landscape class last week.
Today we also went for a noon time skate along Alki then ate lunch at the fish and chips place next to the water taxi dock. A very knowledgeable and experienced speed skater, about my age, approached me and gave me her card. She teaches skating in Lynnwood and she is a personal trainer in a Queen Anne gym. I guess she knows a menace on wheels when she sees one! Actually she was very nice, we skated the 'Alki strip to one end and back. She gave me tips but mostly we did social talk about our families and work. It was an unusual yet comfortable skate.
Midnight already! That's what happens when I drink coffee after dinner!

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Tanya Mau said...

Oh, that crazy Mr. Nelson! Perhaps he'll be bald when I return from Thailand! What a sight that would be!