Sunday, September 19, 2004

Nearly A Month Gone

Another nice phone call today. We are so lucky that communication is easy even with the time difference. In addition to phone calls we used IM twice this week and got emails and of course our Blogs! And she has gotten letters from several friends and relatives so she knows that she is missed. Check out the photos on Anna Rae's blog if you have not done so already. I especially like the one of the rooftops and the one of the dam. Everything seems to be going smoothly. She's looking forward to meeting LOTS of other Rotary exchange students this coming weekend. They are going to do some sightseeing around Annecy. Later on in the year they will meet for 3 days in Paris and they even have a meeting scheduled under the Eiffel Tower! The crepes she ate this morning sounded pretty darn yummy but I think I would still prefer my own blueberry pancakes. Good thing she's running 2 times a week. I don't think she can entirely avoid gaining some weight because it sounds like there is a bakery on every corner.
I am glad that she is making an effort to get regular exercise. Now with the premiers for TV beginning I asked if I should tape a few shows but she says that VHS in France is different and the tapes won't work. Does anybody know if that is true or not? Two friends called today asking how I was doing without having Anna Rae around. I was touched that they were thinking of me and my adjustment to this exchange. Surprisingly enough I am doing quite well, probably for two reasons: she sounds happy when we talk and I am SO busy with teaching. I do have an occasional twinge of missing her when I pass her bedroom door or when I go into her closet to get the vacuum cleaner that is stored there. Don't worry Anna Rae, I haven't put to much out to the curb yet (just kidding, AR). Well, time to get to bed so I will be almost as perky as my kindergarten students in the morning.

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AR said...

but do TRY and send me some VHS tape, so I can see if It works, please? Id love to see Alias. And Survivor. and Smallville, and, oh, gosh everything!!