Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Week With No Anna Rae

Tomorrow it will mark one week since we have heard from Anna Rae which is unusual. Yes, we know she updated her blog on Wed. but usually we get an email or we IM at least once again during the week. If that isn't the case she lets us know that she will be busy. A skiing vacation? A new host family? Those are the positive thoughts. I also worry...maybe she broke her leg, or worse. Did she break one of the 4 Ds and they took away her computer privileges? Wouldn't Rotary notify us if that was the case? What IS going on?
On a less fretful note...our trip is taking shape, we have requested reservations in Rome and Florence. The Rick Steves and Dorling Kindersley travel books litter the dining room table. I listen to the French tapes as I go to work at least 3 times a week. My progress is SLOW; next to non-existent.
Chris just came downstairs to say good night (he is doing the sensible thing to adjust to daylight savings time and heading to bed early) and asked, "Have we heard from our daughter yet?" I answer "No." He is quiet and staring, contemplating the possibilities. I ask, "Well?" He responds, "Alright then, she's spent the weekend with a boyfriend!" and he is grinning, a teasing smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. So both of us are considering the possibilities and at the same time trying not to think about them or at least to think about them in a humorous light.
What has occupied me for four weeks? Student assessment, report cards (Sent home on last Friday!), Student Intervention Team Meetings, a TERC Investigations Math workshop last Saturday, Easter brunch with friends last Sunday, a NUA Literacy workshop yesterday (dynamic but time consuming) and two colds; the nastiest one still lingering. I went to the Y only once in the last 2 weeks. While it was necessary so that I could do report cards and 'nurse' my cold it always puts me in a foul mood to miss my exercise.
On the gardening front, everything is getting green again, including the weeds. The soothing sound of rain is welcome music to my ears. Unless you have lived in Seattle you probably can't appreciate the many hues of green. And those 150 new tulips I planted last's going to be worth every minute of hole digging.


Tanya Mau said...

Perhaps snowboarding with a boyfriend? There's sure to be a blog entry in response soon.

Gee, you're busy! Hope you can enjoy some relaxation soon!

AR said...

Oh God. Worry warts. MAYBE, I was just busy... school, friends, rotary, gospel, etc, etc. You know, Zara went for three months one time without contacting her parents. And if I broke a "D" you'd hear about it. I got all your emails, but I just have been too busy to respond. I am alive. Take deep breaths, at this point, no news is always good news.