Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tall Tulips

Tall Tulips
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Aren't these just gorgeous? I do believe they are the tallest tulips I've ever grown. You know I always thought if I had really a lot of tulips I would become more cavalier about cutting bouquets of them. But although I now easily have 400 growing here and there throughout my gardens, I still prefer to view them kissed by rain or being coaxed open by the first rays of the sun and then closing mysteriously and standing a little taller in the cool evening air.


Loa Ann said...

It sure is nice to see your beautiful flowers & yard. Jean was really impressed yesterday when I showed her the pictures. Our flowers are so far behind yours. Glad to see you have a green thumb like your dad. Does Chris help? Catch you next week.

Katy said...

I read your blog for various reasons, but in particular, keep those garden stories and pictures coming please.

Teresa said...

No, Aunt Loa Ann, Chris does not help with the flower beds but he DOES cut the grass and do the edging. Possibly best of all, he has learned not to ask how much I have spent when I go to nursery sales! Katy, send an email address and I will invite you to look at my garden album online. it is not huge; only 16 photos so far but it will grow along with the flowers.

Tanya Mau said...

Love the tulips and all of your garden pictures as well! You'll have to help me with our yard here in Hawai'i! Yours is impressive!