Monday, May 30, 2005

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Seattle could not have asked for more lovely weather this Memorial Day weekend. Friday was a real scorcher which left us all wondering if this wasn't August instead of near June. It was not easy to get through the day in a kindergarten classroom with no air conditioning but we did our best by making cooling accommodations; we taught with the lights out which is very do-able in most of our building since we have lots of skylights. They were allowed to bring books outside at recess and they could sit in the shade to read. We are fortunate to have what is probably the most wooded elementary school in the city. Then, after lunch recess we soaked paper towels in cold water and passed them out to the kids and they thought that was great fun. It was quite a sight too; imagine a class of five and six year olds with their faces plastered with wet paper towels, sitting in a near dark classroom! We sang a song about sea stars, octopus and the like to end our day and they were off; eager to ask their parents to take them to a beach. The hot weather was a great primer for the 3 days to come which became cooler by about 10 degrees each day. Today I doubt that it got much past 70 which is perfect in my opinion. It has been a lazy weekend which I am trying to convince myself is OK. The patio table umbrella is up and I put new bamboo shades on the deck windows. We ate both lunch and dinner on the deck on Saturday. I went to Costco and priced luggage. I do not write much about our trip planning but suffice it to say we are going 'hard at it'. I had purchased 2 pieces of Eddie Bauer luggage from Target but decided it was too expensive so took it back.
The pieces which I thought were on sale at Costco, were NOT. Finally on Sunday morning I found 3 pieces on sale at Fred Meyers for 50% off! The selection was great; I had trouble deciding amongst all the colors, sizes and shapes. But this is it, I am not doing anymore luggage shopping! Sunday afternoon was fun! We went to our friends house and skated the Soos Creek trail then came back to the house and were treated to Valerie's excellent cooking. We had Copper River sockeye on the grill, and two very tasty salads and these great mango tortilla chips with mango salsa. I had made and brought along a cheesecake and ice cream for dessert. This was to celebrate Chris' birthday which is actually on Wednesday. I wasn't about to make a cheesecake just for the 2 of us! Besides, I think the Happy Birthday song needs to be sung by more than one voice to be official. After eating, Chris went outside and played frisbee with Lindsey and he had huge success teaching her to catch it behind her back. He thinks it is attributable to her dance training. She caught it 5 times in a row behind her back! Meanwhile we played Euker in the house. I did NOT do so hot. Fortunately my partner, Valerie, does not play 'for blood' and she didn't seem annoyed at the ridiculous errors I made. I like the game, just don't have much of an opportunity to play. The time just flew by, it was 8:30 before we left. Once at home I read my e-mail and was happy to find a newsy letter from Anna Rae. It is very hot there too as of late. She has been to a pool party and she has been boating; even got picked up from a party on the lake by her host parents. She has been invited to go to Paris again (in a couple weeks), this time with her host family. She continues to make new friends and with every day she realizes more and more how close she has become to so many people in Annecy. It is an emotional time and I feel for her.
This morning I weeded one flower bed and emptied the rain barrel on a few thirsty plants. In the afternoon I went on my St. Vincent De Paul calls with my friend and fellow Vincentian, Billie. Delivered food to 2 families, gassed up one person's car and made out 2 clothing vouchers. And now I think I will get up the energy to vacuum or write up a few report cards.
Oh! The title to the post. Father Mark said mass this weekend and he brought Billy Bass again to help him sermonize. How a fish ties in with Corpus Christi Sunday?...Don't get me going!

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AR said...

Ahhh... father mark! good times. I don't care what colors and all the luggage is... as long as they are BIG and come empty! see you soon.