Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

It IS a wonderful Mother's Day even though my one and only 'honey girl' is far, far away in Annecy, France. She sent a sentimental (quite uncharacteristic of her) card which she translated and then added her own 'from the heart' message. Then today she called. She sounded SO happy. She has just moved in with her third and last family of her exchange and it is a move she arranged on her own, outside of the Rotary Club (but approved by them). By all accounts it is the most compatible arrangement of all. She says the family is very warm and conversation flows freely. They had a sit down breakfast today as is their Sunday tradition and for lunch they had a barbecue and when she called me the family was watching a DVD together. Today is not Mother's Day in France; this family togetherness is all just a Sunday pattern. She also tells me her bedroom is the biggest in the house and it has doors that open onto the patio which faces the pool. And she has her own bathroom; she is sure going to have some readjusting when back here in our little one and a half bath house! She is also delighted to be with this family because the son, Hugo, goes to her school and Colombe, his girlfriend, is also a close friend to Anna Rae. So,her social circle and family circle mesh nicely. It is really true, all a mother wants is for the well being and happiness of her children. So for me, my Mother's Day is complete.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. I don't get to read it every week anyway so take your time. Don't think we will ever get to see your yard in person so it's nice to see all the pictures. Also it's very nice to get to know Anna Rae a little. She does a great job with her blog. Love, Loa Ann