Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Hawaiian Visitors

Chase and His Mommy

The sunshine was in their smiles but certainly not in Seattle's weather. This is Chase and his mommy, Tanya. I taught with Tanya here in Seattle oh so long ago. When was that Tanya? 2004? I have kept up with The Adventures of Chase but this is the first time I got to meet him. He is a charmer, that's for sure! A walk on Alki would have been nice if the weather were warmer but it was gray and windy and only about 45 degrees out for most of today. Certainly not a good beach walk day to Hawaiians.

Ticklin' the Keys

I had fun being 'Auntie Teresa' and brought out some old toys from Anna Rae's closet. Chase loved making music and he was a real good listener to his mommy and played only with his fingers, not his toes which was a mighty tempting idea.


He has nimble little fingers and spent a lot of time with the Fischer Price School House putting the people into the desks and cars and on the seesaw on the playground. He was easily occupied by these toys for the better part of three hours which really amazed me. You're right Barbara, hanging on to the old Fisher Price toys is a very good idea!


Lynn said...

When did they visit? It looks like fun with those 'vintage' toys! AR, seems hard to believe your toys look dated!?
Very cute picture of Tanya and Chase...great smiles!
Happy Tuesday!

Chase said...

oh, you got some great pictures! Can you email me that one of us? thanks for the plate and utensils again...Chase loves them! He likes naming them too..."fork,""spoon" funny. He had a lot of fun and couldn't stop saying "people, people, people" after leaving your house and the Fisher Price toys!

Next time we're in Seattle we'll definitely have to walk around Alki! (and hopefully we'll visit in the summer when the weather's a bit warmer!)