Sunday, March 08, 2009

Round Two...

of my cold is worse than round one. The hardest part is getting a good nights sleep. If I can't breathe through my nose, I wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat or a nagging cough. Don't talk to me about your arsenal of cough remedies, nasal spray, nettie pot, Sudafed, Nyquil, syrup for just the cough, gargling with salt water; I've tried them all. They work, kind of, temporarily, but the cold is still here. It has been three weeks now, I can't smell a thing, don't like to cook, eating is no fun (imagine that) and I think I must be getting cranky.

This morning I spent 3 hours sitting in bed with the laptop reading newspapers and a very interesting six page article in the Atlantic about how this recession will reshape the population centers of our country. Then when my eyes couldn't focus on print anymore I went to TED and listened some interesting talks one of which was by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Isn't the Internet wonderful? I am one who does not sit still easily and there it was, three hours, "poof!" gone. The DH had encouraged me to cut back on my exercise routine and so I did not run Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. But I just couldn't take another day without putting in a couple, three, four miles. So I ran, during a break of blue (we had snow, hail, rain, and sun today)and I it felt great. I am looking forward to the the Cove to Clover 5k next Sunday, cold or no cold.

As for the FAFSA and CSS Profile, I'm almost done. Otherwise I wouldn't do something as frivolous as writing a post. A phone call to the U of Chicago in the morning should clear up my last few questions.

Speaking of frivolous, here is Thing One and Thing Two along with me in the classroom last Friday as we celebrated the children's author Dr. Seuss:


Chase said...

So sorry to hear you are miserably sick! Hope you get better for your run!

Love the Dr. Seuss picture!

Lisa said...

Hi- hope you are feeling a bit better! Loved the video included in the blog today, quite inspiring! Great Dr. Suess outfits, looked like fun:) Lisa

Barbara said...

So sorry you don't feel well...Is it time for an antibiotic..Iam a fan of the Z-Pack:)
None the less, you look very cool with Thing1 and Thing2..Just don't let them loose in your house while your mother's away!!

Lynn said...

Yes, you are getting the crabbies along with the cold. Hope you kicked both their butts with your exercise runs. Cute hat. My class did some fun but challenging word work things at
Hope the week sails by....Lynn

Mrs4444 said...

Aren't you adorable?!