Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duly Appreciated

Look at all those flowers! It looked and smelled like a floral shop around our desks this week. We also had breakfast treats on Monday, a car wash on Wednesday, a Barbecue from the principal on Wednesday, soup and salad lunch from the PTA on Thursday and a 'goodie bag' of wine, bread and sweet treats from assorted Sanislo families on Friday. Sanislo teachers are certainly a pampered bunch. Better than all of the 'goodies' was the turn out of 19 parents/grandparents for our Friday field trip to the Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union on Friday. Go here to see a few photos.

We are having OUTSTANDING weather for this Memorial Day Weekend; blue skies sunrise to sunset. I awoke at 6:00, made coffee, picked rhubarb and made a pie, at 9:00 I ran about 13.5 miles to Alki and back (The first ten minutes I groan and after that there is this grin splashed across my face that just can't be erased; I love to run!). There was this incredible low tide and savvy beach combers were out at Lincoln Park, Lowman Beach, MeeKwa Mooks and Alki. Once at home I fixed these wonderful omelets filled with asparagus and Spam (yes, Spam) and cheddar cheese. Then I went into the gardens and deadheaded tulips, weeded, and planted Impatiens. After that I got online and read a little of this and that (Today's recommendation is Big Happy Funhouse Read the comments.) The most memorial thing I have done this weekend is to listen to audio clips of a marine in Vietnam from the late 1960's on NPR. I hunted high and low for a link of this audio but since I could not remember the title, I was lost.

Now both of my blogs are updated and it is time to fix dinner. Enjoy your long weekend!


Mrs4444 said...

So nice to see you appreciated the way you certainly deserve. I'll live vicariously through you, okay? :)

Chase said...

Ah, Spam....locals here in Hawai'i love it! Sounds like you had an awesome teacher appreciation week! I wish we had a WEEK!

Lynn said...

Wow, lucky you had such great weather for the long weekend. You ARE a runner! I can see/hear the adrenaline rush in your comments.

Anonymous said...

What a precious group of students you have! You teachers deserve all that wonderful special attention you received. Beautiful flowers.