Sunday, May 03, 2009


Yesterday ended with a half inch of rain and lots of pine cones and tree crap falling from the enormous cedrus deodor into the street. The wind really blew; it seemed more like a fall storm than a spring one. We even made a fire in the fireplace and watched the TV show Southland which is a new police detective series set in L.A. Then I stayed up way too late just reading blogs on the computer and as you can see, changing the colors of my own. When we woke up to sun and clear skies this morning I was torn; garden/run or run/garden? I chose to run and I really pushed myself. I ran for two hours and fifteen minutes which is what it took to get from my porch to the Cactus restaurant on Alki and back. I did stop to tell call the DH at my half way point just to let him know I was still on my feet and loping along. So how far is this run? Hard to say since I meandered a bit on the return route and in some instances I took pedestrian stairs instead of streets (lots of steep hills) but I think it was 14 miles or close to that. If you run, you may enjoy this video. It's pretty cute. I related to most of it; even the dive bombing crows. However I do NOT blow my nose on the sidewalk, that's what sleeves are for (but NOT in the kindergarten)!

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

I sure hope this beautiful weather holds out through the week, especially since my kindergarten class has a field trip to Seward Park on Friday which includes a short hike on a nature trail. Now I am going to hobble outside on my wobbly legs and try to get a little gardening done.

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Lynn said...

I like the new color scheme! It is quite calming.