Sunday, May 24, 2009

Low Tide at Lincoln Park

This is my favorite photo from my low tide walk in Lincoln Park today. These are Sculpin eggs. I didn't see a Sculpin, just lots and lots of tiny eggs on seaweed.

One of many SeaStars, looking very vulnerable in the low tide.

Today's mystery: a molt from a crayfish or what?

Here you get the 'big picture' of the low tide.

A Dog Whelk

A Kelp Crab with missing pincers

The sea lettuce in this picture was flecked with a dusting of shiny purple specks; my photo does not do it justice.

An anemone closed up tight waiting for the tide to come back and cover him.


Chase said...

I love all the colors! Great pictures!

Mrs4444 said...

The whole tide thing is so fascinating to me. Turns even adults into curious kids, doesn't it? :)

9.5 more days of school for me, BTW :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderful photos. Brings back memories of my brief time in Coos Bay. Loved walking on the beach and looking in the little tide pools.