Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Fall!

I went to the Burien Farmers' Market one last time on Thursday. The handsome young man with the red baseball cap was not there with the box of pears as he had promised. Instead, a polite, older, and not nearly as handsome Latino man explained, "That boy, he go to college, he name Brian, he the bosses' son." And being that the polite Latino man was not of the farm family, he could not sell me a box of pears although there were pears sitting right in full sight, only the farmer's son could give me a deal on a full box. Ah well, my weekend is busy enough without pears to dehydrate. But, while I was there I bought various vegetables and took these lovely photos of a Hmong woman's flower stall. Truly she is the artist, all I had to do was point and shoot with my little Canon.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness!!!
Those flowers are so beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Especially nice since we have been there. How beautiful to see the slices.


Barbara & Morris said...

Fall is one of my favorite times of year...I miss the leaves not changing in Arizona..well some do but not untill December or so...and not the numbers like back east. How is school going? You must be warming into your kids by now...the first month is always the hardest for me:)
Enjoy the weather changes..
Fondly, B.
p.s. Thanks for the good wishes..I am doing much better..It's really bad when you get old and things start falling apart...heheehe