Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Purchases

Isenhower was our favorite winery tour. The wine maker was jovial and very patient with all of our questions which were very elementary. He took us outside and showed us the crates in which the wine was pressed and had us lift the heavy plunger (I am certain it has another name) that is used in the pressing. Then he took us into the cellar and oh my, what a delightfully scented, dark, cool, barrel filled room that was! He explained that we were smelling the 'angel's share' which is the portion that evaporates from the oak barrels. For a brief moment he had Chris convinced that they topped off the barrels with beer! Here we bought our only white wine: 2006 Roussanne Red Mountain. And no, you don't get any!

SOLD OUT!! 2006 Red Mountain Ciel du Cheval Roussanne
SOLD OUT!! 100% Roussanne. Our finest white wine ever! Aromas of mango, acacia and cardamom lead into a seemless, mineral mouthfeel and an endless finish.
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We drank our bottle at our last dinner as a family before Anna Rae left Seattle. It was SO delicious! Drool away, wine lovers!

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