Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tommy's Dutch Diner

Word has it that Walla Walla is becoming a mecca for 'foodies'. I guess even Rachel Ray has been seen in town. Well, I hope that doesn't mean the demise of Tommy's Dutch Diner on Pine St. We stayed at the Holiday Inn next door and after the first morning when I ran past on my morning jog I saw Tommy's parking lot filled with 4x4s and men in flannel shirts and cowboy hats at the counter. That's where we must have breakfast before we go I told my husband and that is exactly what we did on our last morning in wine country. We were not disappointed. One pancake, an egg, hash browns and 4 slices of the best darned bacon I've had all year stuck to my ribs ALL DAY LONG! The ambiance is very out west, farmer hang out, the waitress knows almost everyone's order before they sit down; you get the picture.

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