Saturday, September 15, 2007

School Daze

Ok, this is my last post today. I have a zillion things to do both in my yard and in my book bag. But at least now I am almost caught up on my blog. For those of you who read this who are teachers you know how this first month of school is; chaotic, demanding, busy, busy, busy! Well, add to that a teacher with a cyst on a vocal cord (that's me) and you have one 'wiped out' woman by 4:00 everyday. Yes, I am seeing an otolarongologyst (Throat Dr.) and a voice therapist but nothing is really working yet although I did feel less tired on Thurs. and Friday when the principal brought in a 'karaoke' style system to amplify my voice. I have a 504 plan written to get me a wireless system to amplify my voice but the district never moves very fast so who knows when that will arrive. Till then I am making do. I have 27 fabulous kindergarteners, full of energy and enthusiasm. Only one little boy cried and that was only briefly. I saw 2 teary eyed moms the first day too. But everyone is falling into the groove and a couple kids are even testing me. Woe is me! Some of you who look for pictures of my students may be disappointed but I have not asked parental permission to have children's pictures on my blog and I want to respect their privacy. I know there are professional, legal ways to have a classroom blog and I am investigating those possibilities. Before I head off to my household chores I have one first week classroom story to share:
Porter comes up to me saying, "Mrs. Goethe, Mrs. Goethe, Sabrina said the F word!"
I call Sabrina over to me. "Sabrina did you say a 'not very polite' word to Porter?"
She nods her head solomnly. I am still a bit doubtful; this just doesn't sound like her.
"Sabrina, whisper the word in my ear," I say. "Bottom," she replies.
After an inside chuckle, a sigh of relief , and a few words of caution about the various meanings of 'bottom' and what is acceptable and what is not, I send her back to her table.
So there is a quick insight of who needs to work on letters and letter sounds!


Barbara & Morris said...

Holy "add a few posts to your bog, Batman!!!"....It took me a lot longer when I checked in on you:)
Looks like you have been busy and having a lot of fun... I love your room...and I see you have already put your Chart stand to good use.
It looks very much at home in your room. I also see the sunshine coming into your room...I am jealous ..I have no windows:(
The necklace is romantic and so well thought out..He gets good Points for that:)
So glad you are back and blogging again...I would love to see more of your room or things you are doing. 'till next time...oh, hope you find the solution to your voice problem.
Fondly, B.
This comment is as long as all your new posts!!! hehehe

Mercedes said...

I love your classroom. I wish my were bigger and newer, but I will make do with what I have. I do not have a class blog page, but I do have a class web page. I have also sent out a note to parents about posting pictures/names on my web page and newsletters. The parents then return the note allowing/not allowing permission. Thank goodness the whole class was granted permission-so I can now put group pictures on it. I would assume that you could just create the same type of note but tell them what type of internet address you have and ask for permission. My school also has a school web site and there are pics on it-but I never saw a note asking parents to grant permission to post their child's pics on it-hhhhmmm. I always cover myself.

Thanks for stopping by-I thought I would stop by here-nice place. I will be back. I am new to this and also very busy-as you know-but I gotta get to posting more stories.

Type to ya later gator,