Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Spirit

Last night I poured my holiday spirit into creating the playlist you see on the right side of my blog. I asked the opinion of HG (honey girl) and she said with a groan, "Eww...I don't like to be bombarded with music when I am reading a blog!" I must say I agree with her and I am tempted to take it off. I think though I will keep it on through this month and let you readers out there give your opinion. There is a little button in the left hand corner of the playlist that you can click to turn the music off if you find it obnoxious. If you listen to nothing other than Jingle Bells by Anup, it will be worth your while.
So what else has kept me busy? Well, last Sunday HG and I ran in the Jingle Bell Run. That was fabulous fun! There were over 11,000 runners! Most of the runners wear gaudy holiday costumes and everyone wears bells. Our attire was decidedly tame. We were in the 5k runners wave and by my watch my time, 25.53 looked very good! Official times won't be posted till Dec. 21st. It actually started to snow briefly as I came running out from under the Convention Center, which gave me the burst of adrenaline I needed to run up the exit ramp and on to the finish line.


Barbara & Morris said...

Hey...I love the music..and beside if someone doesn't like it they can just turn down their volume on their speaker..
So keep it up...and ba humbug who those that don't...hhehehe
After Christmas you will have to put on your favorites so we will know the kind of music you like:)
Merry Christmas, B.
PS My oldest Boy will be headed your way for Christmas ...his wife's family lives there.

Troy said...

I love the music too. Thanks for your comment on my blog about Christmases I have loved. Have a very Merry Christmas, or if you celebrate something else, let that be very Merry. Troy