Monday, December 03, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

On Saturday there was snow and now today it is 56 degrees out and it has been raining nearly steady since last night. Many areas of the state are experiencing serious flooding and a stretch of I5 near Chehalis is closed. Some small towns are being evacuated by boat. All Star Fitness here in West Seattle has been flooded and is closed. Check out the West Seattle blog for photos. Personally, we have nothing disastrous to report at our house but I do know more than one of my coworkers has a flooded basement. The photos above show the lake that has taken over our playground.
This isn't going to drain anytime soon!


Barbara & Morris said...

The snow looked beautiful...the rain..not so much:-(
Sorry..I used to live in Rochester New York.. nicknamed "rainchester"..hehe
so now I am in Arizona and I don't miss all that rain!...maybe the snow..just a little.
Hope all is well with you.
I put one of those city things on my blog from fun to see who is visiting. THanks for the idea.
Fondly, B.

Tanya Mau-Halsall said...

One of my friends passed on your picture of the Sanislo playground from the West Seattle blog. So sad to see the flooding! I've been reading about it in the paper. We had recent thunderstorms in Hawai'i too..not fun!!

Diana said...

I was wondering how you were faring. I know that stretch of I-5 near Chehalis fairly well. May your basement (or the equivalent) stay always dry.

Jen said...

A good friend of mine works as an insurance adjuster in Washington state. When I talked to him yeaterday he was on his way to the coast to check on the 140 or so claims the company had.

Glad to know you're not affected, but what a bummer to go from rain to snow.

sarah said...

Goodness~ Oh the weather! When I hear about Seattle all I pictured were the condos on the cliffs. So scary! I hope that things are becoming better! NYC is cold!