Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big 'Shroom

There is plenty of beauty abloomin' in my gardens but for today I chose this amazing mushroom from the front yard under the deodor cedar. I could've chosen from a variety of mushrooms popping up all around our yard; in the gardens, in the lawn, some are dainty and ghostly and others are sturdy and fleshy like this big one.

Two more days of school with kids! I do love teaching but the days are longer and no one seems to be getting enough sleep. Everyone's focus is somewhere else; out the window, out the door, at the beach, anywhere but inside the classroom. We are all ready for a vacation. Now that the weather just might be warming up we might actually have a summer!


Mercedes said...

If you need warmer weather~come on over-lol. We are actually having a "cool" spell right now: 80 degrees compared to 95 degrees. Since you are just getting out~when do you go back? I go back on July 28.

Barbara & Morris said...

Wow!! What a Great "show and tell" for the kids on the last days of school:)
I have already been out for 2 weeks now and only 6 to go.. we start back early this year..July 28 and kids on the 1st of August!!
Enjoy your time off.
Fondly, B.

No Rain said...

Wow! That's a huge mushroom! Mushrooms are beautiful in their own way. Happy GTS,

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Now that is a big Shroom! I find mushrooms so interesting.