Sunday, June 01, 2008

June First

Another of my dogwoods: Cornus kousa Satomi; A lovely little tree in my woodland garden.

So this is June 1st. You wouldn't know it from the temperature. I don't think it even hit 60 today. The 'resident elder', that's the husband, says when he was growing up in WI he always thought that his birthday heralded the start to summer. Well that certainly isn't going to be the case today in Seattle. We had intended on roller blading on Alki today but it was just too gusty. So fussing about on the computer for more hours than I care to mention, reading the newspaper together, and fixing him a birthday dinner have eaten up the bulk of this chilly day. The birthday dinner hasn't changed much since he was eight, or so my MIL tells me: popcorn shrimp. I am not one to buy shrimp in a box any other time of the year. Lemon Pepper pasta and a warm Rhubarb Betty with vanilla ice cream rounded out a very easy and tasty dinner. It may be cool but colorful blooms are popping up in the garden. Now I am headed upstairs for another cuppa licorice spice tea and a couple hours of collating kindergarten 'Weekend Writing' journals and deciphering the incredible phonetic writing that they have produced over the past two months. What amazing growth they have made from September to May!


Roger said...

Happy Birthday, big guy!

Diana said...

You know, I don't think I've ever had popcorn shrimp. I love shrimp but it's usually sauteed or similar. Those posies are gorgeous. (We FINALLY got a warm, sunny weekend out here in cheeseland. It was still frosting last week. Grrrrrr.)

Mercedes said...

Beautiful photos! I have another something for you at my can hold it with the other one until you are ready to share it. You Make My Day Award

Have a great day!

b.c. said...

hi, i just read your march 10th comment on my blog--it was on something i posted on whole foods like last fall (!)--apologies--i only caught it now...anyway, just wanted to say thanks...and i love the photos of your flowers and plants--i love dogwood trees