Saturday, June 07, 2008

Frothy Plumes

One thing about all this rain is that foliage is extra tall and thick. I've only had to water twice in May. Having two rain barrels helps too. It means a lot of toting and is more time consuming than using a sprinkler but it is the 'right thing' to do. The frothy white plumes of Goats Beard are tickling the branches of the 'no longer flowering' cherry. In the foreground you see the leaves of an abutilon that will bloom in shades of buttery yellow in late summer.


Roger said...

Allow me a slight correction. The leaves in the foreground are those of Kirengeshoma or Yellow Wax Bells.

There are two species; K. palmata and K. koreana.

They are very similar to each other but the koreana species is more rare and has slightly paler yellow flowers than palmata and a slightly earlier bloom time.

Wonderful plant!

Diana said...

I love all the green with the frothy white in that picture. You can almost hear it all breathe.

Teresa said...

I stand corrected, Havercroft gardening guru. I got on my hands and knees and hunted for the marker (I should not have doubted you). It is Kirengeshoma.

No Rain said...

So pretty. The green and white together are lovely. Happy GTS,

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooh... so pretty! I can't wait for my goatsbeard to bloom, too. That would add some much-needed cooling effect here now. (It's HOT.)

I hope you show the kirengeshoma when it blooms. I keep wishing I could grow that here.