Saturday, September 13, 2008

Humongous Bouquet

I am well aware that late August is the correct time to prune Hydrangea Macrophylla 'Nigra', but it was flopping every which way so I went ahead and lopped away, well aware that I may be sacrificing next summer's blooms. I ended up with this enormous bouquet and being that our house is NOT a McMansion I could not find a suitable spot for it's display so it ended up on the deck table. As for what else I did today:
-An early am 4 mile run in the fog; I love, love, LOVE my runs!
-House cleaning; my weekly vacuum and scouring of the main floor.
-Lesson plans and tea at my house with my teaching partner.
-A yummy birria (goat) torta from Paisanos in nearby White Center for lunch
-An unexpected and happy IM session online with 'Honey Girl'. She is back in Chicago and we were so delighted to hear that she had received our most recent 'care package'. On Tuesday she leaves for Tunisia! Exciting times ahead for our 'one and only'!
-Pruning and weeding for 2 hours
-Blogging and reading online.
-And for tonight... We are going to a Damien Jurado concert. It starts at 10:00.
Time to 'sign off'. There is no way this middle aged woman will be awake at 10:00 without coffee!

And just so I am ahead of the is my photo for Green Thumb Sunday:

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Rosemary said...

lovely bouquet, I too prune when needed not necessarily the correct time.